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Sexual Health Check

Looking after one’s sexual health is as vital as one’s physical and mental health. People usually function under the idea that getting yearly check-ups for their reproductive and fertility health when required is enough. It is not entirely true. If you plan to lead a healthy lifestyle, a regular Sexual health check is also necessary. 

Sexual health check basic information 

If you are thinking about why such check-ups are required and how they are going to help you, the answer is pretty simple. Most people do not realise this, but sexual health has a considerable impact on one’s physical health and vice versa. Moreover, there are additional factors to consider when deciding whether to get a sexual health check-up done or not. 
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STDs and their impact on regular life 

STDs are real, and all the additional health issues that may crop up from them are equally real. So, it is vital to ensure you do not end up contracting one such infection. It is equally crucial to ensure that you be a responsible person and do not end up transmitting the infection to someone else. The most effective way of monitoring your sexual health is to go through regular sexual health check-ups. Moreover, there is the factor of HIV to consider. One of the most effective ways of controlling the spread of HIV is early detection and proper care. 

Assistance we offer for your better health

At UK Medical Screening, we offer three separate Sexual health check services, HIV I/II p24Ag, Comprehensive Male/Female STD screen, Syphilis Screen/Ab’sIgG/IgM. These three tests cover a large number of possible infections and can be used to ensure you are healthy. You can book the tests according to your convenience, and they will be done in a discreet manner. Therefore, if you are worried about the information getting leaked and causing awkward situations with us, there won’t be any worries. 

Reliability, capability and discretion – our signature 

We understand both the importance and need for discretion when it comes to sexual health. It is not always about hiding, it is also about personal comfort. Hence, we will keep every aspect of the tests discreet, and the results will be delivered directly to you. 

Sexual health check benefits

By choosing to monitor your sexual health through periodic tests properly, you will enjoy the following benefits:
● Ability to retain good health for longer 
● Introduction to a healthy and safe life, helping yourself and potential partners 
● Any STD infections will be detected early, saving you from numerous other complications 
● A better understanding of good sexual health and habits 
In short, by taking care of your sexual health, you will help your overall well-being, and that will prove to be infinitely beneficial for you and your sexual partner. Please browse our website to learn more about the Sexual health check services we provide before selecting the one that is necessary. You can contact us to book an appointment today and all the details will remain entirely confidential.