Early Gender DNA

Is it a boy or a girl?

Test gender as early as seven weeks 99.9% accurate.
All from a simple blood test
Only £165 – results within 5 days 

The early gender DNA test is an exclusive service offered by Sneak Peak in partnership with UK Medicare Screening. 
Our early gender DNA test is a straight forward blood test for expecting mothers. The blood test can be carried out as early as seven weeks into your pregnancy. This blood test is then sent off to a specialised lab that is able to carry out DNA testing and confirm whether you’re having a boy or a girl. The results are 99.9% accurate. Find out the gender of your baby well before your 22 week ultrasound scan.

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Cost: £165 only

How does the test work?

An Early Gender test is a test conducted by a health professional through by taken blood from the vein. The blood is then sent to our specialist laboratory, which will be analysed using advanced DNA sequencing technique. The result of the test will be sent directly to patients with 3 to 5 working days. 

How is it different to an ultrasound scan?

The difference between the Early Gender reveal to an ultrasound, is the Early Gender reveal will allow you to know the gender of your baby in just 7 weeks. No the other hand, ultrasound scan gender reveal will only reveal the gender in 22 weeks. Therefore i would vehemently encourage all mothers or expected mothers to consider early Gender test.

What is the benefits of Early Gender tests?

1. It allows families to plan for the unborn child

2. It allows the mother and the father to bond more, and have more emotional connections to their baby

3.  Peace of mind to couples. 

How accurate is the test? 

Research from Harvard University in USA and clinical trials has shown  that the test is 99.999% accurate. 

Are there any other options for testing the gender of my baby? 

At the moment, Early Gender test is the best and only option of knowing your child gender in 7 weeks. 
We have appointments available daily to have this test carried out at our Canary Wharf clinic in the heart of London.

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We are also able to combine this blood test with an early pregnancy ultrasound scan carried out by a consultant radiologist at our clinic. For further details Call now: +44 7840 3890 42 .

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