Home covid 19 test

Home Covid 19 Test

Since the pandemic, Covid-19 tests have become a norm. Every time you are travelling or about to attend a gathering, testing yourself to ensure that you do not have the virus is now common. It’s been almost two years since the world witnessed the devastation of Covid.
The situation has improved considerably, but getting tested is necessary for continued safety. Hence, the importance of the home covid 19 test has become obvious. 

Home covid 19 test benefits 

Yes, there are several tests available to find out if you have Covid or not, but the home test is one of the most convenient choices. UK Medicare Screening provides reliable, effective and approved home covid 19 test.
By choosing this home test, you can be sure whether you have contracted the virus or not without spending too much time or money. 
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Home covid 19 test is vital

Whether you are travelling for work, education or leisure, it is necessary to ensure that you won’t be infecting people. Moreover, you won’t be allowed to fly without the test report. The fit to fly certification will depend on the result of your Covid test. Therefore, as a responsible citizen, you should ensure that you are not infectious. The best way to do that is by getting tested. 

Covid home tests we offer 

Using the home test kit is not complicated. It is based on an advanced formula which detects the protein found in the Covid 19 virus. The presence of that protein in your body indicates that you have contracted the disease.
At UK Medicare Screening, we offer several Covid 19 tests that include options such as Covid 19 Antibody Blood Test on-site, Covid-19 Day 2 and 8 PCR Testing Package, Covid-19 PCR testing with fit to fly certificate on-site, home covid 19 test to release for International Travel and more. 

Home Covid test and its impact on your life 

These tests are not time-consuming; you won’t have to visit our clinic and stand in line for hours. You can book any of these tests, and a medical professional from our team will reach the given address.
They will conduct the test and ensure whether you have Covid or not. Depending on your chosen test, you can be issued a fit to fly certificate on site. This will make things more convenient and ensure that you won’t have to worry about wasting time and waiting for days before being able to proceed with your plans. 
Please contact us today to book an appointment to ensure you do not have Covid. This will make travelling easier, safer and more convenient for your fellow travellers. If you have any queries regarding tests, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to answer.