Under 40 Well Woman’s joy


Our health checks screening provides you comprehensive health assessment and screening. We will give you dietary advice and information to take away for free. Book your MOT now.

  • We guarantee your safety
  • We maintain precautions first
  • We promote sustainibility during medical process 


Well Woman Premium Screening £580.99

Measurements and Observations

  • Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Height, Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI),
  • Fat and Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat Rating, BMR
  • Blood Pressure and Pulse
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Urinalysis (pH, sugar, protein and blood)
  • 12 Lead ECG
Appointment Quick Book

Blood Tests

  • Haemoglobin to test for anaemia,
  • Kidney Function Tests – Urea, Electrolytes & Creatinine with eGFR
  • Uric acid/Urate for gout and cardiac disease risk
  • Calcium and alkaline phosphatase for liver or bone disorders
  • Full Lipids Profile – Total, LDL, HDL Cholesterol & Triglycerides for coronary heart disease
  • Glucose for diabetes,
  • Liver function tests – AST, ALT, GGT for liver diseases
  • ESR for infection/inflammation
  • HBA1C for diabetes and pre-diabetes
  • Thyroid function tests- T4 and TSH to detect thyroid disorders
  • Iron to detect anaemia
  • Oestradiol